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Social anxiety is a socially debilitating condition that renders socially anxious individuals socially inapt and unable to socialize. As a result, socially anxious people are then unable to enjoy the presence of others given that they are so focused on themselves. This is generally due to personal insecurities, such as the fear of of being rejected. Unwittingly, this creates a barrier to socializing as it invokes a need to avoid taking the risk of striking a conversation.

As with most disorders, social anxiety can snowball into many other disorders. Drug use is not uncommon among those with social anxiety. Drugs can be used for self-medication, as they lower inhibition. Another issue is self-dissatisfaction and eventual depression.

The issues mentioned above are all perfectly avoidable and treatable with a Montreal psychologist. Unfortunately, most doctors still believe that SRRIs which increase the circulation of serotonin can help with the symptoms. However, recent studies have shown that social anxiety is caused by excess serotonin, and not a deficit. As such, SSRIs actually worsen social anxiety. Non-medicinal treatments are preferred for social anxiety due to them being non-invasive, for a consultion feel free to reach us at 1-855-382-2482.

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